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The Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) program is an intensive course designed to equip licensed surveyors with an unsurpassed Public Land Survey System (PLSS) knowledge base. Created in 2005 by the Bureau of Land Management, CFedS has become the hallmark program for surveyors wishing to provide cadastral services on federal trust lands while deepening their understanding of working within the PLSS. The non-PLSS surveyor can also benefit from the program by becoming more well-rounded in the many intricacies of our profession.

In early 2022, we embarked on a mission to modernize the CFedS offering, bringing the program online for the first time. While this was no small undertaking, I’m proud to say that the core seven-course training series is now delivered via www.cfeds.org. Close to 75 individuals are working through the material as of this writing with another 520+ active professionals among our ranks.

As this initiative is important to both CFedS members and NSPS, we’d like to increase regional engagement via continuing education presentations with societies such as yours. We partnered on 9 such sessions in 2023 and are looking to expand this number in 2024. If you’re able to consider a CFedS presentation within your 2024 conference, please touch base with me at the address below.

From a national perspective, the CFedS program hopes to get our message out in as many venues as possible. To make all surveyors aware of this educational opportunity, we’ve created a range of promotional materials for use within state society publications (full and half page options) + websites which are available at: www.cfeds.org/media-resources/ It would be greatly appreciated if you could share these materials with your membership. Interested surveyors can visit our webpage at www.cfeds.org or contact me directly at [email protected] to discuss further collaborations.


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