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Supporting Wyoming's Land Surveyors

Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming is the primary membership organization for land surveyors. Our membership organization is the comprehensive resource for technical, legal, and effective continuing education for the profession. Our membership is more like a family than a corporation, and we take pride in ensuring the success of our members who are entrusted with surveying the State of Wyoming. Our organization is member-driven, established to ensure quality technical services to those practicing in the four corners of the state of Wyoming.

Whether your passion is surveying outside the rims of the Wyoming Basin under a ponderosa pine while the wind whips to the east, or proving precision coordinates, mapping, and details for major road construction throughout the state, we are your go-to resource and network for support.

As the 10th largest state coming in at 97,818 square miles and the least populous, Wyoming holds both a strong sense of history as well as a unique, prospective future. As a land surveyor, entrusted as a quasi-judicial authority to determine land boundaries, your role, your decisions, and your professional work matters. As your association, we work cooperatively with other organizations and public and private entities in all maters of common interest and ensure the highest of ethical standards and promoting the profession of the Surveyor. We act as a clearinghouse for information and a repository for historic statutory and regulatory information.

Who We Are

We are passionate. We are passionate about our work and doing our work and doing it well. We are passionate preparing to defend our field work, decisions, calculations, maps, legal descriptions and all of the other work associated with our profession. We are passionate about being outside in all weather and getting the job done, regardless of the conditions. We are passionate about being a professional in all aspects of our profession.


We are the Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming. Depending on who you are, the previous statement will likely elicit one of two reactions. The first is OK, that’s where I want to be; or, the second may be, OK, what is a Professional Land Surveyor?  


There are approximately 150 Professional Land Surveyors in Wyoming which have been registered (certified) to perform numerous kinds of surveys in the State of Wyoming. The title of “Professional” is indicative of being licensed and recognized by the State and Federal Governments to establish or re-establish boundary lines and other surveys that require certification as provided in State and Federal laws and regulations.


“Who we are” might most be well explained by discussing a typical surveyor’s profile. One of the most universal surveyor’s characteristics is the love the great outdoors. The typical Registered Land Surveyor will have skills is the ability to live and work happily and comfortably out of doors. In addition to the previous “qualifications”; Math, History, Science, Computer use, Software use, GPS, Geodesy, Language Skills, Business Skills, Land and Property Law, and an ability to deal with people in all kinds of settings to perform the task at hand. And, then to passionately perform the work required of us to complete a project accurately and on time to satisfy ourselves and our client. We are also passionate about inviting new surveyors into our profession and doing everything can to facilitate them joining or profession. If you would like to join us, we stand ready to help you start in our fully satisfying profession. Contact us.

a day in the life of a professional land surveyor

We are professional land surveyors. Determined, independant professionals who seek out real data on the land and ensure accurate property boundaries. We trek properties across the state personally and ensure that our measurements are precise and true. We understand the importance of our work. Our measurements impact the safety, lives, and wellbeing of those we serve, and as professionals, we take pride in our work.
For those that have a passion for the land, enjoy exploring, hiking, seeking the truth, and recording this place we all call home, consider becoming a professional land surveyor. Our tradition of 140 years of land surveying is unique and built for those rugged individuals who have a deep desire to – maintain the history of the land.

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