• Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming

Good afternoon, On behalf of the University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, I am honored and grateful to be standing here today to express my sincere appreciation for the Governor’s proclamation recognizing the vital contributions of land surveyors to our society. I have worked with many wonderful surveyors who support our land surveying outreach initiative, and I have quickly learned what an important role they play in ensuring the safe and responsible development of our communities. Their work is essential to the growth and prosperity of our state. I am grateful to the professional land surveyors that have and will continue to dedicate their time engaging with K-12 students of Wyoming to raise awareness of and increase interest in this very important career. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Governor for recognizing the hard work and dedication of land surveyors, and for taking the time to acknowledge the importance of this profession and this outreach effort. This proclamation serves as a reminder of the significant impact that surveyors have on our communities, and the importance of supporting and investing in the work that they do not only for the state of Wyoming but also with Wyoming’s young learners. I also want to thank everyone in the land surveying community for their tireless efforts and commitment to land surveyor education. Your hard work and dedication to the profession and to our outreach efforts is commendable and so worthy of this recognition. In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Governor for this proclamation and to everyone who has supported and encouraged land surveyors and their work with Wyoming’s youth.   Thank you. Dr. Cindy Jones University of Wyoming, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Program Manager, Engineering Outreach

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