• Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming

Professional Land Surveyors of Wyoming is a member-driven organization, lead by experienced and effective surveyors from every corner of the State.

Our approach is to be a resource and voice for those in the field each day. Through local Chapter meetings to our annual meetings – there are countless opportunities to get involved, grow and be a voice for land surveyors and the profession.

Our Board

Doug Boyd, President
Cody Schatz, President-Elect
John (Jack) Studley, Secretary/Treasurer
Duane Schmitz, Director, Northeast Chapter
Matt Gotham, Director, West Chapter
Thomas A. Johnson, Director, Central Chapter
Brad Neumiller, Director, South Central Chapter
George Dale, Director, Southeast Chapter
Doug Boyd, Director, Upper Platte Chapter
Geno Ferrero, Director, Southwest Chapter
Matt Gotham, Immediate Past President
Brad Nuemiller, 2nd Immediate Past President
John Lee, Wyoming Delegate, WFPS
Cotton D. Jones, Director, NSPS